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painting to capture life's simple pleasures


Beautiful archival quality prints on 100% cotton, acid free paper.


About Me

I am a Louisiana artist now living in Savannah, Georgia. I am married to my husband of 46 years; we have three grown children, and I am YaYa to four fabulous grandchildren. As a stay-at-home mom, I pursued art endeavors that fit the different stages of my growing family. I have done graphic design, custom calligraphy, painted murals, and custom faux finishes. A few years ago, it was time to take my art in a new direction, so I refreshed my oil painting skills and found my empty nest career. 



My Work

My paintings are oil on canvas. My brush strokes are more than an impression but stop short of tight realism. I enjoy painting landscapes, as well as an occasional still life. I also accept commissions. My paintings may spark a childhood memory, take you down a nostalgic path, or you may just fall in love with the colors or the image. But whatever the reason, I hope you find that my paintings capture the heart and soul of the simple pleasures of life, given to us by God to enjoy. 


Sola Deo Gloria.



Savannah, GA 

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